Texas Board of Education Concerns About Changes | Letter to the Editor

The Texas State Board of Education is considering ending the use of BC (B.C.) and AD (Domino Years) as historical dating systems in textbooks and replacing them with “secular” ones. I am concerned that Systems, BCE (BC) and CE (BC). Consider the following quote from a board member: “This has nothing to do with removing Christ from the calendar. It has everything to do with accuracy in dealing with historical events and including people of all religions in historical discussions,” Rebecca said. Bell-Metello replied. directed by.

really now? If it has nothing to do with religion, why change it? The truth is that it has to do with religion, or more specifically with the systemic hostility to Christianity that is endemic in much of today’s academic world. A date in history is a date in history. Moreover, it is confusing to constantly expose students to different systems as they attempt to study historical material written in the last 1,500 years.

This proposal really shows a serious lack of scholarly knowledge about Western civilization and the impact of Christianity on Western civilization. Christianity has had a profound impact on art, music, language, literature, architecture, science, government and the legal system, medicine, charity and philanthropy, disaster relief, and, ironically, education. The first large-scale attempts at public education in the Western world were initiated by Christians. They called it Sunday school. It was a very successful and healthy concept for society as a whole, and was eventually adopted and adopted by virtually every modern state and government on the planet. Most began as seminaries or seminaries and include several Ivy League schools in the United States. And look at Texas. Baylor, DBU, ETBU, HBU, SMU, TCU, ACU, Texas Lutheran, Trinity, Wayland, Howard Payne, Hardin Simmons, Mary Hardin Baylor, Jacksonville College. All institutions were inspired by biblical truths and started by devout Christians. Academia today dares to deny, ridicule, and dismiss what they claim to hold dear—the very big thing that has had such a huge impact on education.

I encourage all who have real historical knowledge and are concerned about the continued attacks on Christianity by the secular and academic world to reach out to their state government representatives to voice their opinions. .

Ronnie Kandiev


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