State Teachers Union Launches Campaign to Emphasize Public Education, Boost Efforts to Fund Private Schools

LINCOLN — The Nebraska Teachers Union will launch a “Proud of Public Schools” publicity campaign this fall to combat efforts to divert public funds to private schools.

The Nebraska Education Association said a grant from the National Education Association will help fund a five-week TV, radio and digital campaign this fall.

NSEA President Jenny Benson said in a press release on Sunday that the campaign’s goal is to “promote a culture of racial and social justice by improving educational opportunities for people.” all Building respect for the worth, dignity and equality of all individuals in our diverse society. ”

The campaign features “success stories” from public schools.

Appearing in the campaign are Norfolk construction company owner Iggy Machuca. Mindy Diller, Lincoln’s family and consumer science teacher; Cammy Watkins, co-executive director of inclusive communities in Omaha. Joseline Reyna of the Grand Island YWCA.When Tracy Hartman Bradley, Native American Specialist at Omaha Public Schools.

The NSEA notes that the campaign is being carried out because some private school advocates are “increasing efforts to defame public education and divert state tax money from public schools.”

This spring, filibusters in the Nebraska legislature blocked a bill that would allow state tax credits for “opportunity scholarships,” which public school advocates see as a roundabout way to provide public funding to private schools.

Proponents of private schools say that some students who did not fare well in public schools succeeded after transferring to parochial or private schools.

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