SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Charlotte Brooks has crossed New York Fashion Week off her to-do list thanks to her parents’ business expansion.

Kameron Brooks, co-owner of the Charlotte Letter Clothing Company, said, “She made a global difference in people’s lives more than any mother or father could do.

The company, which launched in July 2021, makes adaptive clothing for children with special needs, just like her daughter Charlotte.

Co-owner Stephanie Brooks said, “It’s clothing designed for children who need medical attention during emergencies and during everyday activities.

After a doctor’s appointment revealed that Charlotte didn’t have long to live, Cameron and Stephanie Brooks made plans for her, including walking the runway at the Adaptive fashion show during New York Fashion Week. I made a bucket list.

“We never thought she would get there, but she made it,” Kameron Brooks said. I’ll make sure she has the opportunity to fill the items on her bucket list.”

Despite the risks, her parents plan to make her final moments with Charlotte memorable for the whole family.

Cameron Brooks said, “This is another moment where we take risks to make her feel like she’s lived her life. That’s our number one goal.”