RTFKT Releases Clone X Forging Season 1 60 Piece Physical Fashion Collection

Quick take:

  • Fans can unlock digital and physical looks via Clone X DNA properties.
  • Each Clone Holder can cast up to two of each item from the DNA Collection and Murakami Drip.
  • Ten pairs of RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 sneakers will remain digital wearables for the time being.

RTFKT on Monday announced the Season 1 Forge of the Clone X Phygital Fashion Collection, which fans can access based on the traits of specific Clone X NFT avatars. In addition to the announcement, RTFKT also unveiled a 60-piece fashion collection of digital wearables that allow NFT holders to counterfeit physical goods.

Created in collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, the Clone X NFT collection consists of 20,000 3D avatars, grouped into eight DNA types with varying levels of rarity based on their traits.

RTFKT has released a collection of 10 digital wearables based on Clone X’s DNA, including humans, reptiles, robots, aliens and Murakami drips. The collection includes caps, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and sneakers that can be unlocked via the owner’s NFT DNA traits.

With the exception of socks and hats, all wearables are forgeable into physical items equipped with NFC tags that their owners can link to NFTs, giving their owners access to future drops or physical events. , unlock and customize experiences. future avatar.

Depending on the number of avatars owned and the DNA traits possessed by the avatars, each clone owner can forge up to 2 of each item from the DNA collection and Murakami Drip. A total of 31 items including 2 sneakers, 2 caps and 2 jackets.

Image Source: RTFKT

There is also a limited edition Genesis collection made for all clones, limited to one mint per item. All clones can cast and forge Genesis t-shirts for free.

RTFKT will also be dropping 10 pairs of RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 Digital Sneakers inspired by Clone X DNA features. Sneakers aren’t part of this Season 1 forging event and will remain digital wearables for the time being.

Murakami Drip Avatar Trait Holders have access to the first-ever RTFKT x Murakami x Nike Air Force 1 digital sneaker, part of the Murakami Drip collection.

The wearable will start mining on Wednesday at 11am CET, 9am GMT, 5am ET and 2am PT. The Mint Window will be open from He September 7th, and the Physical Item Forge will be open from Hell September 7th to Hell 14th.

The limited edition Air Force 1 sneakers range in price from $30 to $600, leaving some users unhappy. Twitter user “Lupo de Roma 98” Said: “These prices must be a joke. We’re in the middle of a bear market and you guys are charging us.38 [ETH] To the shoes?? Come on, we’re loyal owners and you’re just taking money out of our pockets. “

Another Twitter user “innotjoy” agreed, said: We charge the finest full luxury retail prices. “

Whether it’s a cash grab or not, there’s a lot of motivation given that Nike has made a whopping $185 million in revenue from NFT sales since it acquired RTFKT last year to expand its Web3 strategy. It’s clear that there are loyal buyers. The sportswear giant tops the list of brands generating the most sales from NFTs.

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