Preston marketing agency to plant 1,000 trees this year

One Tree Planted and Soap Media Join Forces

A digital marketing agency partnered with an organization to plant 1,000 trees to celebrate the success of a new business.


Soap Media joined One Tree Planted after setting a goal to reduce its carbon footprint.

Soap Media plants 100 trees for each new client where deforestation is prevalent. This year, the company won his 10 new customers and planted 1,000 trees.

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In addition, the agency works closely with One Tree Planted to know exactly where donations are most valuable and to ensure that assistance and support is delivered to areas that need it most.

The partnership not only supports reforestation efforts and raises awareness of the importance of ecosystem restoration, but also encourages Soap Media clients to be involved in making the planet and its people better without being directly involved. provides the opportunity to

Ashley Lamontagne, forest campaign manager at One Tree Planted, said: Through this initiative, we will be able to plant more trees and further our global reforestation goals. ”

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Commenting on the partnership, Soap Media CEO and Co-Founder Markerle Davis said: We have always had environmental initiatives, but we want to start taking further steps to become more environmentally and socially focused.

“Working with nonprofits like One Tree Planted and having the opportunity to support people in communities who are tackling environmental destruction is a big first step.

“Taking advantage of an unprecedented growing season, we aim to plant as many trees as possible this year. I am already looking forward to

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