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Mona Lisa Jones Named VWSD’s Director of Education Technology

Released at 6:38 am on Friday, August 26, 2022

The Vicksburg Warren School District announced Mona Lisa Jones as the district’s new Director of Educational Technology. The board approved Jones’ hiring at its meeting on Thursday.

Jones comes to the district with 26 years of school technology experience. Most recently, he served as Director of Information Technology for the Hines County School District, and prior to that, he was the Coordinator of Technology Resources for Jackson Public Schools.

“Operating technology systems in a school district is more than just getting devices working every day. There are key student, teacher, and parent training components, and student and cyber security are very important. We need people with proven experience in all areas and we believe Lisa Jones will provide the leadership that successfully meets these needs.”

In the Hines County School District, Jones coordinated the district’s technology equipment and developed technology training for teachers, staff, and students. She planned and implemented the school district’s 1:1 Device Program and was responsible for proactively discovering network vulnerabilities and enhancing security.

When asked why he applied for the position, Jones said his motivation for the position was “the district’s reputation in education technology circles as a leader in personalized learning, data security, and educational practice.” said.

“We look forward to continuing the great work that has been done at the Vicksburg Warren School District, ensuring students have the access and skills to use real-world technology, and continuing the board’s mission to connect education with employment.” I look forward to supporting you,” she said. “We welcome the opportunity to work with the team that will enable our school to effectively, efficiently and safely deliver this level of technology to teachers and students.”

Jones is married to Darryl Jones and is the mother of two children, Darryl Jones Jr. and Aria Jones. She graduated from Jackson State University and is Google Certified.

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