Mici Italian Creates Contest To Raise Funds For Education

Denver’s family-owned pizza, pasta, salad, and more restaurant, Mici Italian, is building on its already strong philanthropic giving program, “Dining for Dollars,” by donating funds for school supplies to public schools through a new competition called “Mici.” is being strengthened. Clear the list. ”

Through Dining For Dollars, Mici raises approximately $70,000 annually and donates directly to participating schools. Since the Dining Fodorers program launched in 2009, they’ve worked with over 80 of her schools and raised over $500,000. They hope to have an even greater impact on local teachers with “Mici Clears the List” by allowing them to purchase school supplies for their classrooms.

Co-founder Kim Miceli, who comes from an educational background, has the program, Dining for Dollars, deeply engraved in her heart.

Kim Miceli says: When I was in public school, I saw firsthand how fundraisers like Dining for Dollars impacted these students. Mici has had many successes, but I am most proud of what she has achieved with her Dining for Dollars program. ”

About Mici Clear List

Entitled “Mici Clears the List,” the competition is open to teachers, education volunteers, education leaders, parents, and students explaining why a candidate (either a school or a particular teacher) deserves to win at one or the other. Ask them to post a photo with a caption that says Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #MiciClearstheList in the caption.

That particular post on the social media platforms mentioned above (Facebook or Instagram) constitutes an entry into the challenge, and Mici “clears the list” of those who donated the most. Each person who submits an entry is eligible to win the contest, and the winner will be announced in a repost and notified by private message on September 30. Recipients will wish her list of the latest school supplies on Amazon.com must have

*Fine print: *The recipient must be a school or a teacher currently working at a school.

“We are always thinking of new ways to support the educational community around Mici restaurants. This competition gives us the opportunity to give back to those who have supported us,” said Miceli. say. Mici hopes this social her media move will raise awareness about shortages in classroom supplies and give teachers access to key items on her Amazon Wish list.

The Mici Italian brand features modern family-friendly eateries with menus that focus on authentic Italian family recipes and use all-natural, unprocessed, and clean ingredients. Made-to-order pastas, artisan pizzas, salads, and more are all available for dine-in, takeout, catering, and delivery.

In 2021, Mici’s Dining for Dollars program has raised over $70,000 (over $500,000 since the program’s inception). Mici is also offering big discounts on pizza for school lunches, and so far, from 2022 to the beginning of her 2023 school year, Mici has given the school over 10,000 of her free cheeses. No pizza donated her coupon. Organizations that have benefited from the Dining for Dollars program over the years include the Kids Compassion Project, Hope Kids Colorado, and countless nearby schools.

Aside from serving delicious, handcrafted Italian cuisine for the past 18 years, Mici is most proud of serving each of the communities they belong to. Her Mici mission is to provide community support to organizations that share Mici’s commitment to children’s education, health and well-being.

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