Key Health Sector Syria Outcomes, January-July 2022 – Syrian Arab Republic


• Health sector needs and strategies under HNO 2022 and HRP 2022-2023 developed under WoS approach.
• 18 health sector organizations (20 projects) participated in HRP projects including health sector projects. Submit one project sheet on “Health Sector Coordination”.
• 100% bi-weekly (14) National Health Sector Coordination Meetings in Damascus.
• 100% monthly (28) provincial health sector coordination meetings (Lattakia/Tartus; Aleppo/NWS; Qamishli/NES; Homs/Hama/Idlib; Derizowar). The south remains covered outside Damascus.
• Six sub-sectoral working groups of RH, MHPSS, RCCE, Trauma/Disability, IM and Rehabilitation/Rehabilitation have started their activities.
• Two quarterly schedules of Health Sector Coordination Meetings (1 National, 7 Sub-National and 6 Sub-Sector WGs) have been developed.
• Two quarterly updates of the Syrian contact list of the health sector were prepared.
• A 6-month (January to June) 4W 2022 HRP will be produced and distributed.
• Midyear PMR has not started yet.
• Two updates (January and May) of the Health Sector Field Directory.
• One inventory of Syrian health sector projects developed.
• Bi-quarterly summary of capacity building events created.
• Bi-quarterly summaries of health sector assistance with reconstruction and rehabilitation were produced.
• One update of national medical device support to the health sector was produced.
• Necessary advice to be provided to the WHO Partnership Unit to initiate the provision of a National NGO Forum.
• One site visit to NES. Key recommendations are provided.
• Integration of resilience/recovery planning, response and reporting in the health sector is established. Permanent agenda item of the National Health Sector Coordination Conference in Damascus.
• Created 6 flash updates for healthcare attacks.
• Comprehensive mapping of health sector service delivery (mobile health teams, fixed health points) through all developed operational hubs.
• Periodic updates provided to HCT and ISC as needed upon request.
• Website update:

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