Ivelisse Diaz: Fashion Trends – KQED

YR Media’s Ivelisse Diaz strictly followed the latest fashion trends during her teenage years. But when they finally stepped out of their comfort zone, they found not only their style, but their confidence as well.

Growing up, I only knew how to follow fashion trends rather than creating myself.A person who has been keeping abreast of trends ever since he started using social media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram when he was in middle school. noticed that his posts get a lot of likes and comments. And I wanted that feeling of validation for myself as well.

So I started dressing like people I saw on social media. I started copy-pasting the same outfit over and over: high-waisted jeans and a crop top. Used clothing from popular brands like Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville has become less about the actual clothes and more about their ability to blend in with me.

I have a sense of fashion, so I didn’t have to worry about mistaking my appearance. So I started relying on the feeling of belonging that comes from wearing the same clothes as the people around me.

But as I got older, I realized that the urge to look “normal” got in the way of my exploration of my identity. I was so worried about what other people thought of me that I didn’t know what kind of clothes or make-up would look good. The only opinion that mattered was my own, but I gave a lot of power to others.

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