How to choose email software for ecommerce

Email remains the primary content marketing channel for 87% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers. In fact, it helps you grow your customer base and get to know your audience better.

There are many different e-mail services available today, but none are suitable for all businesses. As such, software selection requires multiple elements to find one that covers your specific business needs. In addition, we will discuss the parameters you should evaluate to choose the most relevant email marketing software.

email marketing myth

1. Nobody reads marketing emails.

As practice shows, the exact opposite is true. Email continues to be a part of everyday life in all age groups and social groups. By the way, nearly 68% of teens and 73% of adults say they want to receive emails from e-commerce people.

2. Marketing emails do not influence consumer behavior.

Statistics show that more than half of users who regularly receive such emails say it influences their purchasing decisions. The value of this metric is highly dependent on well-structured data analysis. Email campaigns must reach their target consumers.

3. The effectiveness of email marketing is debatable.

But in fact, according to eMarketer research, the average ROI for email marketing is 122%. That’s four times more than he does for any other digital marketing channel.

Why use email marketing software

There are various email marketing solutions aimed at meeting the marketing needs of your business.

• Automate and improve mechanisms for working with your customer base.

• Create and manage marketing campaigns.

• Automate the mailing list submission process.

• Marketing campaign analysis and reporting.

Criteria for choosing an email software provider

Given such a variety of solutions, it is important to understand how to prioritize specific products and make the right choice. All email marketing services have one global goal. It is to increase business profits by notifying target users through email. How this goal is achieved varies greatly from solution to solution.

1. Cost

Free trial in progress

When choosing a service or product it is very important to try it out to make sure it meets your needs and expectations, both in terms of the availability of the features you want and the quality of the implementation. Having a trial version of is a very nice addition that reduces the risk of making the wrong decision.

Don’t be fooled by the free plan

Unlike the trial period, which gives you full control of what’s going on inside the application, the free plan is limited in both functionality and performance. This makes the selection process difficult and prevents a balanced evaluation.

Billing model: contact and email

Third, when considering the specifics of email marketing tools, most decisions are based on two main models of billing. The number of contacts and the number of emails sent each month. Planning based on the number of contacts makes more sense for a large company with a broad customer base and lots of emails being sent. If you’re just starting your business journey or your job doesn’t involve a large number of clients, you can choose a plan based on how many emails you send.

2. Contact management

The success of your marketing campaign is highly dependent on the quality of your contact management implementation. What should I pay attention to when managing contacts?

Add new contact

The more ways a manager is given, the more likely all possible situations are covered. When uploading files and collating data, you should check if the collating of the data is working well and if there are any possible adjustments to be made.

When dealing with a large number of contacts, some of these contacts may not be added due to incorrect data format, missing required information, duplicates, or technical issues is always there. Not all email marketing solutions provide information about lost data and why.

Audience segmentation

Proper segmentation and targeted emails can improve conversions by 355% and increase revenue by 781%. So you need to make sure the solution you choose has the functionality you need to create separate lists for each group, use tags, and present other opportunities to select contacts. A generic list with specific parameters.

privacy protection

It is important to note that contact data will be stored and used in accordance with the law. Therefore, you should ensure that the solution you choose can protect your audience and your company regarding the reception, storage, processing and transfer of personal data. Examples include the presence of built-in features for ‘notifying people how they signed up for the list’, ‘double opt-in’, and ‘enable GDPR fields’.

3. Campaign management

A central part of any email marketing tool is campaign management. The quality of campaign management directly impacts key email marketing KPIs.

Available campaign formats

Check out the tool’s capabilities to support different campaign formats. This allows you to reach your customers as broadly as possible.

campaign builder

At this stage, it’s worth paying attention to the resources needed to create content. Is there a reasonable number of templates available and is there variability? Make sure you can easily create your own template. A poor set of tools at this stage will prevent you from building a conversion campaign.

Scheduling and workflow automation

Marketing campaign scheduling is available so you can predetermine the exact schedule your customers will receive and save time by eliminating manual submissions.

Workflow automation means building an entire process that interacts with clients in different situations. Building a workflow with a complex interface and an insufficient number of components at your disposal can be challenging. Make sure you are comfortable using the tool and that it covers the user journey.

4. Email delivery rate

Unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes emails do not arrive. It will likely appear in spam and your clients will not know you are trying to contact them. Keep this important parameter in mind when choosing a solution. Otherwise, you may lose some of your audience and waste your budget.

5. Analysis

The cherry on top are the features that help you measure the results of your marketing campaigns. The analysis should reflect the effectiveness of the campaign in terms of the following parameters: average open rate, average click rate, average subscription rate, average unsubscribe rate, audience growth and campaign performance. Some solutions also allow for A/B testing. This is very important for making good marketing decisions.

6. Integration function

To get the most out of your email software, you need to make sure it integrates correctly with other third parties such as websites, mobile apps, and CRMs. Your goal is to create a digital commerce system that functions smoothly as a single mechanism. So when choosing an email service, look into its integration possibilities.

Waleriya Bagnyuk-Yurkantovich is a business analyst and consultant. solveThe company focuses on mobile and web development for retail, e-commerce, and other industries. Within six years, SolveIt had successfully released 100 of his apps with an average rating of 4.5 and a CSAT of 100%. Bagnyuk-Yurkantovich himself is dedicated to helping brands discover their business goals and translate them into profitable technology products and tools, including business automation. Her expertise includes retail, e-commerce, transportation and logistics industries.

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