Here are the education items for the November election ballot

Two local school districts decided Monday night to ask voters to help pass two separate proposals this November.

Corpus Christi, Texas — Two local school districts will ask voters to help pass two separate proposals this November.

If you live within the Corpus Christi Intendent School District, you’re voting for a $220 million bond package that includes a new middle school.

Since 2008, voters have approved funding for nearly 20 new school buildings for CCISD.

CCISD’s $220 million bond proposal is focused on building a new Hamlin Middle School to replace the current 68-year-old open wing building.

If approved, the new school will be built on the Hamlin site and students will continue to teach at their current campus. A separate new secondary school was also included in the proposal to meet the needs of the growing South.

It will be built on land owned by the school district near Creekside Elementary School. Included in this list is about $13 million spent on the renovation of George Evens’ TG Allen Elementary School, which will house his students.

Additional funds will be used for a new gymnasium at Adkins and Driscoll Middle School.

The measure will not affect residents’ tax rates, according to district officials.

Meanwhile, if you live within the Flour Bluff Independent School District, additional school police officers and school buses are on standby, depending on how voters feel about the tax increase.

School leaders have approved a budget of $62.5 million for the 22nd-23rd school year.

Highlights include pay raises for all employees, higher starting salaries for teachers, and a 4% raise for substitutes.

Flour Bluff ISD Superintendent of Education Velma Soliz-Garcia said: “Our teacher’s starting salary was the lowest in the area at her $47,000, which puts us on par with other school districts in the area.”

The Board will also ask voters to approve a 7-cent tax increase in the tax rate election this November.

“This is a historic year for Flour Bluff ISD,” said Garcia. “The value of our home, the first year the cost of a home was so high, the HB3 law passed a few years ago finally hit us and our rates were the lowest, 80 cents. was limited to.”

If approved, Garcia said the funds could add four additional police officers to the school. This will put a police officer on each campus and five of his new school buses.

The Flour Bluff ISD remains one of the lowest tax rates in the region.

Election Day is November 8, 2022.

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