Healthcare: Sean T. Connaughton

Glenn Allen, President and CEO, Virginia Hospitals and Healthcare Association


August 24, 2022


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Since 2014, Connaughton has led the Virginia Hospitals & Healthcare Association, which operates the state’s medical emergency management program with the Virginia Department of Health.

As president and CEO of a trade organization, he is committed to supporting the sustainability of Virginia’s healthcare system, reducing healthcare costs, and improving the health of Virginia residents. The association is also tracking his COVID-19 hospitalizations statewide.

A former superintendent of Prince William County, Connaughton served as State Secretary of Transportation under Governor Bob McDonnell. Connaughton is a retired Naval Reserve Commander and served in the Coast Guard. He is chairman and president of the 9/11 Pentagon He Memorial Foundation, an organization whose purpose is to build an educational center next to his 9/11 Memorial in Arlington.

Connaughton holds degrees in law, international affairs and shipping from George Mason University, Georgetown University and the American Academy of Merchant Marine.

Best advice to others: Make sure you have career options and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Favorite song: “The Gates of Istanbul” by Lorena McKennitt

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