Health tips for back-to-school students

Hampton Roads, Virginia (WAVY) – Student health is our top priority before they board the bus and enter the school building. From vaccinations to general checkups, the new school year is a busy time for pediatricians.

“Kindergarten, 1st and 7th grades will be where you see the biggest shifts in vaccine records,” said Dr. Charisse Carter, CHKD Pediatrician. “So your 4-year-old is vaccinated and your 11-year-old is vaccinated. Your 4-year-old is your MMR, Chickenpoxand your DTap11 year olds are their meningococcus, protect your brain and your Tdap It protects you from tetanus. ”

Dr. Charisse Carter says Hepatitis C When HPV Vaccine added to Virginia list.

Although many families have been vaccinated against COVID-19, monkeypox virus remains a concern for some parents.

Experts say cleanliness is key to monkeypox prevention. “So far, children’s exposure has been limited,” Dr. Carter said. “This is a very specific exposure, so there is no need to be afraid this year.

Virginia does not require masks. However, it is an option for those who want to wear it. If a child tests positive for coronavirus, they should be quarantined for at least five days. “We open a bottle every day, vaccinate our kids, and get boosters for our kids.

Families can be vaccinated at the pediatrician’s office. You can also book your COVID-19 vaccine.

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