Flying the Marketing Plane Through Economic Turmoil

Marketers are like pilots through this economic turmoil. How can I make it smoother? A strong content strategy.

There is no shortage of pessimism and dark clouds in business and the economy these days. Business pundits seem to endlessly debate the question, “Are we in a recession or not?”

Additionally, the term “headwind” is thrown around all the time as it is an effective term for any non-specific discomfort that affects our journey.

If you’ll forgive the metaphor, we marketers are like pilots tasked with navigating the world of marketing bravely. As experienced professional pilots understand, dealing with turbulence and headwinds is only part of the expertise and skill set we must bring to the job. Given that we are in turbulent times where markets have seen ups and downs and the future looks uncertain, it makes sense to revisit content her marketing, a key component of any marketer’s portfolio. .

Marketing confusion is real

I recently attended a webinar. There, the VP of Technology soberly outlined the challenges ahead for the economy as a whole and for marketers in particular. In his view, last year (2021) was just the beginning of a bigger change, with turmoil and market turmoil moving forward. He weighs factors such as the impact of the pandemic, ongoing skills shortages, problems in his chain of supply, and geopolitical trends, as well as changing consumer demand and the need for his ongoing digital transformation. was cited as a major factor in creating a major storm in the near future.

Like many experts, this observer believes that 2022 and 2023 will be even more disruptive as individual market forces combine to affect the economy as a whole. The likelihood of a recession is amplified by these interwoven factors, each creating their own set of problems and concerns. Marketers must find ways to respond boldly and keep their companies and brands on top of their heads in the chaos.

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Stable flight with content run

The important thing for marketers to know is that they can actually fly through the storm, whether literally or figuratively. That content is essential to successfully landing your organization. When it comes to long-term marketing results, the best way to “steady on the fly” is to have a great content his marketing program. Content plans are like air traffic control, designed to provide a great brand experience that resembles an on-time flight, while providing the safest way to weather a potential recession cloud. increase.

Achieving these goals means delivering targeted content to buyer and influencer demographics, giving each individual something at every stage of the sales funnel. Your readers’ wants, needs, and job-relevant content is important and should be delivered in a similar way across multiple platforms, including web and mobile. Additionally, content efforts need to be integrated with larger PESO (paid, earned, shared, owned) media strategies. This ensures adequate coverage in terms of reaching all key audiences and demographics where you live or work.

Smart data, empathy, and authenticity = the best formula for content

Additional key elements of modern content programs include smart use of data and the integration of empathy and authenticity. Gartner reports that CMOs use “scaled judgment,” described as “the use of data-driven insights to act on market signals,” and “empathetic intelligence,” which has a deep understanding of customer needs. employs influence. — “11% more likely to report revenue growth for their organization”

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