Fall 2022 Statement Bag Trends: A Fashion Editor-Approved Guide

I call myself something of a handbag aficionado and IMO, accessories aren’t just for holding your stuff. We can be poetic about , but there is a more pressing PSA to consider.

In preparation for the upcoming New York Fashion Week, I plan to roll out the season’s most perfect purses to elevate every outfit I wear. , as minimal and utilitarian items are starting to seep into my aesthetic, I need extra accents to embellish them and make them more evocative. in the same boat? Keep scrolling to discover the latest bag samples you can’t wait to get your hands on, including styles incorporating denim, crystal, metallic and fuzzy textures.

(Disclaimer: Of course, pragmatism is also key when it comes to the tight schedule between NYFW shows and presentations. My typical day is eight or more shows, previews, and events scheduled on the hour. So I probably spend most of my life carrying it in a functional tote along with a small purse I refuse to part with.

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shine on

shiny object I never have Topping a cozy fall look with a shimmery bag is an easy yet gorgeous way to update a neutral look. was one of For example, I save bright bags for the second half of fashion week. An accent that is sure to be the final ensemble.

get the texture

My current favorite ‘Pillow’ bag from Poppy Lissiman is definitely in order for the busy weeks ahead. As woven accessories continue to be trendy, choosing unexpected materials such as popcorn, crochet, and beads can be the perfect refreshment. Bright colors and unexpected materials bring these pieces to life for any look.

new moon

The shape of the it bag that is perfect for autumn is a rounded crescent shape. A welcome update to his bag, this spherical silhouette comes in everything from logo-encrusted to classic matte his leather. This bag will definitely layer with my typical Fashion Week catch-all tote.

Far Your Own Good

One of my favorite things about fall is all the textures and tones that come with comfortable weather dressing. This doesn’t have to be limited to knits and coats. This season, shearling and fuzzy pieces appear on both shoes and bags.

great jeans

Denim is a staple in my wardrobe. But lately, I’ve been adding jeans accessorizing to reinvent my current (and eternal) obsession: the Canadian tuxedo. The bag definitely adds a purposeful element to the mix, as it’s layered with clothes too. increase.

all that glitters

Embellishments and outings are post-pandemic staples, and as a maximalist, I’m totally here. Brands like Cult Gaia, Kara, and Benedetta Bruzziches have perfected party bags, and at least one of them is sure to accent your afterhours outfit at NYFW. .

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