DeSantis Insults Florida’s Public Education and Its Teachers

A teacher lines up students for the first day of school at Mayport Elementary School, September 1, 1964.

A disparaging attack on teacher professionalism was made at a recent Tennessee Education Conference hosted by Dr. Larry Earn, president of ultra-conservative Hillsdale College in Michigan. In a meeting with Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, Earn said, “Teachers are trained by the dumbest part of the dumbest colleges…” I have a degree in education because I don’t “need to know”…anything. ”

This far-right pillar has been adopted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to denigrate Florida’s public school education. Such a humiliating view of teachers is used by governors to degrade education standards and address the ongoing teacher shortage.

Dedicated teachers are true civil servants and unsung heroes of the pandemic. Low wages and attacks on professional integrity are some of the fundamental reasons teachers leave the profession. Instead of lowering teacher standards, the governor may consider raising a teacher’s salary to her national median of $65,420.

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