Cardi B’s once-tweeted CT fashion designer gets Times Square billboard

IEMBE founder Travis Dimeer Terry of Manchester posted a picture on Instagram of his mother, Laverne Terry, 61, who is also a model for his handbag and clothing brand, in front of the IEMBE sign in Times Square. Posted.

IEMBE founder Travis Dimeer Terry of Manchester posted a photo on Instagram of his handbag and clothing brand model and mother Laverne Terry, 61, in front of the IEMBE sign in Times Square. did. This billboard was part of a birthday present Terry gave to his model’s mother.

During the opening, street acts sang “Happy Birthday” to Laverne along with the crowd.

“It wasn’t planned, but it just made the experience ten times better,” she said.

Having his own brand in Times Square is Travis’ dream come true, he said. In 2019, he said he wrote in his diary that one day he would have a billboard and that it would be a “huge achievement” for him.April 6, 2022, he also tweeted His goal is “I want a billboard in NYC Times Square.”

Travis Dimeer Terry's 2019 Journal Entry.

Travis Dimeer Terry’s 2019 Journal Entry.

Contributed by Travis Dimeer Terry

The two photos projected onto the big screen in Manhattan were IEMBE’s first big release: the MINI IEMBE BAG, a black mini bag, and the IEMBE YONCÉ BAG, a yellow bag inspired by singer Beyoncé.

IEMBE promoted the Yonce bag with a video of Laverne doing Beyoncé’s Coachella choreography and a Beyoncé-inspired photoshoot.

“In pictures, you can see Beyoncé’s different eras. From ‘Crazy in Love’ to ‘Renaissance,’ Beyoncé is represented everywhere.”When you think of yellow, you think of Beyoncé. ”

“Next is Beyoncé. I feel it,” he said, wanting to get the singer’s attention. said it felt like a cue. Travis said Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams personally messaged him to join her for an IEMBE experience.

“She said she loved my mother,” he said.

IEMBE, a black-owned luxury brand that stands for “in my bag,” said, “You define luxury. It’s the motto we live by,” Travis told Hearst CT Media Group in January. Come to life on January 3, 2020.

In April, IEMBE’s “Tiffany Blue” bag was exhibited in the installation “Creative Connecticut” at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. ‘Creative Connecticut’ consisted of a rotating installation honoring Connecticut artists, and began by exhibiting Travis’ work at the entrance to The Hartford Museum of Art until the end of July.

“It all started in Connecticut, and it still feels surreal to know I was in the biggest museum here.”

celebrities and pop culture personalities such as Jordyn Woods, Fabolous, Meek MillBIA and Jim Jones are familiar with the IEMBE brand and have been seen wearing “Bible IEMBE jackets” and bags.

Laverne said she enjoys helping her son’s vision come true and enjoys the process.

“I’m his official model for the brand and I don’t want to do this for anyone else,” she said. “I’m so proud of him and what this brand stands for.”

Travis, who has made his Times Square billboard dream come true, said he plans to fly to Paris in November to shoot the first IEMBE collection featuring new handbags, duffel bags, clothing and more.

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