Bloomfield Hills’ Unite Digital Adds Six New Hires

Clockwise from top left: Headshots of Steven Justice, Pam Rahmaan, Erika Simms, Bill McGough, Rachel Plamodon, and Amy Sandberg.
Clockwise from top left: Stephen Justice, Pam Lahman, Erica Sims, Bill McGuff, Rachel Pramodon, Amy Sandberg

Unite Digital, a Bloomfield Hills-based OEM Authorized Dealer Digital Program, Digital Marketing Company Focused on Lead Optimization, Online and Offline Retail Integration, Customer Retention and Loyalty Strategies, Hired Six New Employees Today announced the expansion of its team.

Unite Digital President and CEO Stacey Cooopes said: ‚ÄúTogether, they support our overarching goal of connecting manufacturers and their distribution networks to create a seamless consumer experience that differentiates them, bringing them into the modern era where customers buy and sell wherever they are. increase.”

Steven Justice is currently Director of Digital Customer Experience, Pam Rahmaan is currently Program Manager of Operations, Erika Simms is currently Product Development Manager, Amy Sandberg is currently Senior Staff Accountant, Rachel Plamondon and Bill McGough are currently Software Engineers .

With a proven track record of working and training in the automotive digital marketing, consulting, and automotive sales industries, Justice has unparalleled experience in OEM program management.

His skill areas include Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Tier 3 Marketing, Customer Experience and Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Journey Process, Team Building, Talent Leadership, OEM Client Partnership and Management. increase.

Rahmaan joins Unite with 15 years of experience in automotive technology management. He previously served as Tier 1 and Tier 2 Technology Director at FordDirect and one of his most significant achievements was FordDirect’s Tier 2 regional site where he managed to build the entire platform from a .net application. He was migrating to AEM.

She has also worked as a Tier 1 Advertising Quality Assurance Analyst at Wunderman (Ford’s advertising agency) and at Zaaz (Ford’s analytics vendor) for analytics implementation focused on tagging and creating surveys for Ford/Lincoln OEM sites. As a specialist, I also worked for ePrize. She (online she is the creator of incentives/gaming applications) as Quality Assurance Manager.

Simms has 12 years of experience working with auto dealers to improve their digital footprint. For the past eight years, she has been Vice President of her Dealer Authority, working with some of the best dealers in the industry. Erica was adept at helping clients reach their target markets and increase their productivity.At Unite, she works with manufacturers and digital marketing her providers to become an industry leader in the digital marketing field. Define and deliver solutions. Erika lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and is an artistic, game-loving fitness enthusiast.

As Senior Staff Accountant, Sandberg will combine her organizational skills, accounting experience, and project-based knowledge to support Unite’s explosive business growth. Amy has over 15 years of accounting experience and in the steel manufacturing industry she has worked for 10 years and has worked on several capital projects.

Pramodon has over 10 years of experience and was previously a web developer at Knorr Marketing in Traverse City. During that time, her most significant achievements were developing the infrastructure for her data feed and leading the front-end development of her own platform.

Previous roles included Web Developer at Buzzbizz Creative in Anchorage, Alabama, and SEO Technical Engineer at Peak Positions in Traverse City. Rachel attended her Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City with an emphasis on web development.

McGough has five years of experience, most recently implementing a GraphQL API at Rocket Central. Prior to that, Bill was Team Leader at Rocket Connections, leading a team of 15 people. Additionally, Bill attended his 6 months of in-house coding his boot his camp classes at Rocket Central and has experience with .net and his AWS.