Avril Lavigne KILLSTAR Collection Interview

Thanks to Avril Lavigne and KILLSTAR’s new collection, you can live out your goth glam style dreams. Avril Lavigne’s KILLSTAR collection has plenty of pink and edgy skulls and skeletons to give it a punky Barbie core.

“My KILLSTAR collection is a reflection of my style and what I love,” says Lavigne. cosmopolitan“I am very proud of this collection. It was a lot of fun working with the KILLSTAR team to bring this to life. I hope everyone enjoys it and makes it their own.” increase.”

As for her favorite pieces from the launch, the singer says, “The Tomb travel suitcase, Ribcage maxi dress, and Strummin lingerie set are all great.”

The entire collection is available for purchase at Killstar.com. You can get cute crop tops, bodysuits, dresses, and even capes if you’re feeling fancy.

It’s been a busy few months for Avril. In addition to launching the KILLSTAR collection, he is also touring with Machine Gun Kelly, and will celebrate the 20th anniversary of his first album in June. let go.

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“My music and fashion have changed a bit since the release. let go‘ she says. “Looking back on that album, I am still incredibly proud and grateful for all the great things that have been done for my life and career. So I still write what I felt in that moment.It may have changed sonically, but the process hasn’t changed much.The only difference is that I was writing from a teenager’s point of view. Whereas now I’m writing from a woman’s point of view.”

Needless to say, we love this new age Avril and can’t wait to purchase her KILLSTAR collection!

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